BEATRICE PERRY LONDON is defined by high quality craftsmanship and timeless romance. Fluid, feminine tailoring and clean colours are applied to classic silhouettes. The pieces are often interseasonal, and gently playful. Quiet quality is seen in the fine detailing throughout.

We believe strongly in longevity and versatility; a dress that you would be happy wearing to a myriad of occasions, in which you feel comfortable and happy; a jacket or coat which you throw on above jeans to smarten up quickly and elegantly.

All the fabrics we use are natural and thoughtfully-sourced. Many of our fabrics are woven in Europe, and all cottons are either GOTS organic or Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The garments are made in London so that we can work closely with the manufacturers.

The pieces in our first collection, Foundations, were named after London building materials - symbolising both their function and what they mean to us. 2017 onwards sees botanical names, as we continue to grow.

Pieces are added to the collection when they're ready, we work to our own timetable and directly with our customers, with whom we have close relationships. This also enables us to keep the collection both affordable and as high in quality as possible.